Brent Hale  Designer, Owner

Brent Hale Designer, Owner

Brent Hale

Designer, Owner

Drawing has been my passion since I was a dorky little kid with buck teeth and glasses. Since I stunk at sports, most of my spare time was spent drawing. I drew hot rods and cartoons on everything – notebooks, church bulletins, napkins, the bottom of my tennis shoes. I did some of my best work on my blue jeans. I couldn’t help myself. I loved to draw.

My inspiration came from the classics – Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tom and Jerry, Rocky and Bullwinkle. I loved cars and the guys that designed them, like George Barris, Big Daddy Ed Roth, Tom Daniels, and the great GM designers, Harley Earl and Bill Mitchell. From the world of commercial illustration, my rock stars were Norman Rockwell, J. C. Leyendecker, and Haddon Sundblom.

After receiving a BFA at Stephen F. Austin State University, I then attended Art Center College of Design where I majored in Industrial and Transportation Design.

My art career began as a graphic designer working in outdoor advertising, design firms, and advertising agencies including the Brookshires Grocery Company in-house advertising department. As Senior Art Director of Hanson Design and Partner/Designer of Wattu Wear Apparel, we created award winning and nationally recognized design solutions.

In 1995, I took the big leap and started Brent Hale Illustration and Design. As an independent illustrator and designer, I have worked with some of the most prestigious brands, agencies and companies in the world on a wide range of projects in the fields of entertainment, advertising and marketing, product and package design, editorial and publishing.

As Partner/Designer at Stohd, I am able to tap into the my passion for industrial design and especially automotive design. The goal of our product line is to create innovative, timeless, and disruptive designs that set our brand apart from the crowd.

I love being an artist. I can’t imagine doing anything else. The really exciting part of what I do is that I get to work on stuff that challenges me and allows me to draw inspiration from the very things that made me want to be an artist in the first place.